Margot Robbie had a tattoo station at her wedding for guests

Although some brides wish to keep their weddings traditional, others like to step outside the box on their big day. Some brides wear a pink dress, other rent out unusual venue locations. And if you’re Margot Robbie, you have a tattoo station at your wedding so guests can get permanently inked.

The Suicide Squad actress reportedly offered guests the option to get the roman numeral for 19 tattooed on their bodies. Although Robbie and now husband, Tom Ackerley, were married on December 18th, some media outlets are surmising that guests received “19” to commemorate the the morning after.

After initially not knowing whether secret ceremony actually took place, we now know that Robbie and Ackerley are for sure married because Robbie has the ring to prove it!

Wedding guest Isabella Kerr posted pictures of the little roman numeral tattoos on her Instagram, but has since removed them. In one of her photos, Kerr captured the bride herself tattooing one of her guests. Like getting a tattoo at a wedding isn’t memorable enough — having Margot Robbie tattoo you is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just ask her fellow Suicide Squad cast mates!

And literally all of Robbie’s friends…?

Even though Robbie claims she has gotten worse during her time as an amateur tattooist, getting a Margot Robbie original permanently drawn on your body would be a pretty cool experience (even if you’re a “grown-ass man,” Will Smith).

Now that we know Robbie has the tattoo bug, her wedding tattoo station is really no surprise. Hey, maybe this is just another idea to add to your “dream wedding” Pinterest board!

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