If You Need Summer Hair Ideas, Let Margot Robbie’s New Bangs Be Your Inspo

She definitely made a statement on the Oscars red carpet!

When Margot Robbie showed up at the Oscars on Sunday, she surprised fans with a totally new hairstyle. It’s official: Robbie has bangs, and she looks gorgeous—but honestly, can anyone think of a hairstyle that wouldn’t work for her?

As one of the producers of Promising Young Woman (which was nominated for five awards and ended up winning Best Original Screenplay), Robbie was there to support her fellow crew and cast members, and she looked good doing it.

Sharing a photo from the evening, Robbie showed off her new haircut and her Chanel dress all at once.

She didn’t mention her new ‘do in the caption, where she wrote, “A night celebrating #PromisingYoung Woman at the Oscars!” Of course, she did get a lot of comments about how beautiful she looked—no surprises there! Fans of Robbie’s will also note that her hair color was even a bit of a change from her standard blonde. While the actress is usually a bright blonde, she’s been casually darkening it into a bronde shade that highlights her skin tone.

But for those who *live* for Robbie being a blonde, don’t worry—the blonde color doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, even if she is switching it up a little bit.

In the last photo Robbie shared of herself on Instagram (a shoot with Elle France), she wasn’t sporting these bangs, so it must be a very recent change. It makes sense. If there was ever an occasion to make a bold hair move, it’s Oscars night.

These long bangs are a perfect summer hairstyle—they can easily be pulled back, but it’s way better to show them off. And paired with Robbie’s golden locks, the whole look screams sunshine. If you’ve just picked up your phone to call your hairstylist…we totally understand (and are right there with you).

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