Margaret Atwood wants Drake to do a cameo in “The Handmaid’s Tale”

The Handmaid’s Tale has rocked our television streaming worlds. While Hulu promised us Season Two, we have no idea when we’ll be reunited with the unflappable Offred and her best friend Moira. And what happened to Ofglen post-car driving? So many questions, not the least of which is what new characters and actors will be introduced in the upcoming season. Well, it seems Margaret Atwood, the author of the novel the series is based on, has one idea that totally tickles our fancy. Who is this mysterious individual? None other than rapping mega-talent, Drake.

Uh huh. You heard right. Drizzy!

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Author Junot Diaz recently interviewed Margaret Atwood for the Boston Review’s Global Dystopias project. Junot tells Atwood he has been spending time with up-and-coming young folks from Canada. From their conversations, he’s drawn the conclusion that currently Toronto has two homegrown superstars, Margaret Atwood and Drake! (What a pair!) When asked if she’s ever met the rapping sensation, she tells Junot she has not met him. Apparently, they do not go to the same parties (Don’t worry, Margaret. Neither have we, and it isn’t from a lack of trying.)

Atwood wonders out loud:

Wouldn’t it be fun for [Drake] to have a cameo in season two of The Handmaid’s Tale?... I’ll drop that notion into the ear of Bruce Miller, the showrunner, and see what he can do with that, because of course the show is filmed in Toronto. Maybe Drake could help smuggle someone?

We can’t tell you how much we love that idea! We’re already picturing Drake in a Gillead-inspired outfit, dodging the scary black vans and co-mingling with the Handmaids and the Marthas. Or, maybe he won’t play one of the good guys. Maybe he’ll have a dark turn as an Eye. Who knows, but it’s fun as hell to speculate.

We’re praying to the TV Gods to make this one a small-screen reality.