So, Margaret Atwood’s contributing to a geek girl comics anthology

When you think of geek girls, you might not immediately think of Margaret Atwood, the celebrated author and poet. But it actually makes a sense that Atwood, whose influence in the sci-fi genre is inestimable, has signed on as a contributor to The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, a crowd-sourced comics anthology that seeks to fill in the gaps regarding the lives, loves, and obsessions of (self-described) geek women.

Atwood has the distinction of being both a feminist force and an incredible author — you know her work in creating dystopian universes like The Handmaid’s Tale or in pushing the boundaries of traditional narratives with The Blind Assassin, or perhaps you know her from her poetry. Regardless, she remains one of speculative science fiction’s most powerful forces; beyond Handmaid, she’s also tackled the future in her MaddAddam trilogy (which, no big deal, is being adapted for HBO).

Now her latest contribution to the geek girl canon is brand-new comics for The Secret Loves. Being a new media adapter, the 75-year-old author publicized her involvement on Twitter:

As for Secret Loves itself? The comics anthology is the brainchild of Hope Nicholson, a comics editor and publisher, and serves as an antidote to the male-focused, male-oriented geek world (and the myth of the Fake Geek Girl). More specifically, it’ll showcase a counter narrative to the oft-spotlighted romantic and sexual frustrations of male geeks. As Nicholson puts it:

You can support The Secret Loves of Geek Girls on Kickstarter here; we’re so about multiple generations of geek women supporting and working with each other, and can’t wait to tuck into the finished book.

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