Wait, did Margaery hint that this major “Game of Thrones” character will die back in Season 4?

One of the most, “WTF?” moments of this past Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones was watching Margaery Tyrell (technically Baratheon) and Tommen Baratheon pledge an allegiance to the High Sparrow (side note — how sad was little Knight in Shining Armor Jaime Lannister’s face when he found out?). But Margaery Tyrell is no dummy, and most of us had an idea she’s up to something. As it turns out, Margaery did said something in Season 4 that may hint she presently has an ulterior motive (you know, other than adopting a theocracy).

According to the Huffington Post, redditor Singh_Sahil24 unearthed a scene from Season 4 in which Margaery gets a bit graphic when discussing jewelry for the wedding with her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, Margaery says, “Perhaps I should just let Joffrey choose it for me, end up with a string of dead sparrow heads around my neck.” (You can watch that scene here.)


While it would be rather clever of the writers if this tiny phrase foreshadowed Margaery’s attack on the High Sparrow later down the line, this sentence could very well just allude to Joffrey’s sadism.

At any rate, Margaery has been rather frank with her desire to stay strong for her family and for her future against the wishes of the Faith of the Seven.

“They want me to help you?” she said to Loras earlier this season. “They want me to help tear you down. That’s why he’s letting me see you. I know it. If either of us give in to what they want, then they win.” But Loras doesn’t care and just begs Margaery to make the suffering stop. While the Tyrell women, Margaery and Olenna, are two of the strongest, smartest characters on the show, Loras isn’t as lucky.

new image released for this week’s episode, which depicts Margaery hugging Olenna while a nun watches, also draws more concern. She’s now wearing her crown again and is definitely no longer in a dungeon, but it’s unclear what will happen next. Is this a goodbye hug? Is Olenna getting shipped off for threatening to wage war? Why isn’t Marg wearing her staple plummeting v-neck dress? What’s going on?!


BUT, if we’ve learned anything about Margaery, it’s that she’s not going to let the Tyrell house go down without a fight.

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