Marcia Clark says this is the real reason why Kris Jenner couldn’t testify in the OJ trial

The OJ Simpson trial has become a piece of history people continue to talk about to this day – especially since FX’s American Crime Story premiered (and since a suspicious, bloody knife was found on OJ’s property!). Yet, we still have many unanswered questions. For one, why wasn’t Kris Jenner asked to testify during the trial?

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Prosecutor Marcia Clark was recently interviewed by Dateline and openly discussed this time in her life. She first looked back on the white Bronco chase during which Simpson tried to escape and recalled, “I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is not good. … He has murdered two innocent people, slaughtered them, and you’re cheering his escape?’ It gave me a full view of what we were up against.

Following this realization, Clark continued to face setbacks. Despite the fact that Kris Jenner claimed her friend Nicole Brown Simpson was afraid that OJ would kill her, the prosecutor was unable to put her on the stand. “[It was] hearsay. I couldn’t put it in,” Clark explains. “[But] I would have been happy to put her on the stand; she would have been a great witness.

Jenner also spoke to Dateline and, while referring to OJ Simpson, added that Nicole Brown “couldn’t live with him and she couldn’t live without him.” Kris stated that Nicole was always worried that her husband wasn’t being faithful to her.

Clark goes on to say that the eight-month, 1994-95 trial “felt like one minefield after another.” She especially regrets the prosecution’s decision to have Simpson try on the ill-fitting leather glove (which was initially co-prosecutor Christopher Darden’s idea) and her closing remarks at the end of the trial. “I was tired; I was demoralized,” Clark revealed. “By the time I actually got to talk to the jury, [it felt like] ‘Are you hearing anything? I don’t know.’ It just didn’t feel like anybody cared.