The March for Science’s signs were next level, and some even went underwater!

This weekend has once again turned into a huge protest. With Earth Day falling on a Saturday, thousands of people marched in the streets. The March for Science’s signs were next level. And some even went underwater!

If you can recall, the signs at the Women’s March were incredible. And these newer ones are just as biting, funny, and important. Besides the march in Washington, DC, over 600 sister marches took place around the country. That’s a lot of signs! The following are some of the choice ones that caught our eye.

First of all, some were clever.

Is there anything more clever than just being very straightforward? While many were writing down facts and statistics, some went a more creative route.

In essence, some of the best signs came from people who were truly into science.

Nonetheless, some participants were shocked.

In addition to making dope signs, some people who marched were shocked by the fact that in 2017 they had to march for science. Therefore, this mixed bag of emotions yielded amazing protest signage.

A lot of topics have become minefields for starting a political conversation. Everything is polarizing. But this following protest sign shows just how much we need science in a time like this. false

Additionally, some protesters addressed the president directly!

But the hands-down winners of the March for Science have got to be the incredible marine biologists at Wake Atoll.

No air, no problem!

For those of us who did not attend the march, the following protest should serve as a reminder that there aren’t any good excuses for not attending.

That’s right! These marine biologists in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, who went underwater, still had time to create and march in their own showing of solidarity. Hey, when it comes to this planet, there is no plan B.