How March’s Pisces New Moon will affect your mood

Do you feel it? Those emotions in the pit of your stomach, stirring a bit more than usual, asking you to feel in tune with your body and soul? As much as many of us wish we could be unemotional and static creatures, the fact is, we’re not! Much like nature herself, we contain multitudes. And the new moon, the beginning of the moon’s 28-day cycle, is a chance for us to tap into these emotional waters. The Pisces New Moon specifically is affecting our mood, allowing us to dive even deeper into the oceans of our spirit and soul.

On the new moon, we get a chance to grow, imitating the moon and her light as it blossoms until the time of the full moon. During this particular cycle, we are presented with an opportunity to tap into our own intuition and mood in a more holistic way than we are usually able to.

We talked to astrologer extraordinaire, horoscope queen, and founder of The Midheaven, Amelia Quint, about what we can expect from the Pisces New Moon when it comes to our emotions and feelings. She says,

"Pisces is an incredibly moody sign! It's a water sign, so it's very sensitive to emotions, and it's mutable, which means it changes pretty often. You could be feel conflicted, or be happy one moment and sad the next. If that happens, ask yourself why. Maybe there's a deeper answer you need to unearth. Pisces is also the sign of closure, so if you push against those feelings, you could have a major emotional breakthrough!"

Our feelings live in our bodies, not our heads, and allowing ourselves space to process and sit with our feelings this new moon will make the message clear. Amelia suggests creating art, writing poetry, dancing, singing, and partaking in creative self-expression and ritual work to embody the message of the Pisces New Moon, and to feel into her emotional nature without feeling overwhelmed. Taking time to journal, lounging in a salt bath to help you ground, and drinking plenty of water are other ways to cope with this intense emotional moment.

Another reason we may be feeling this Pisces New Moon more than usual?

Amelia explains,

"This new moon is right on top of Chiron, an asteroid that's associated with healing both physical and spiritual wounds. With Chiron in play, what happens now will deliver a remedy you've been waiting for and will help you recover your strength in some way."

If you’ve been working through a spiritual or physical pain, use this new moon to rest, recuperate, and recover. Ask yourself what you need to feel safe and fulfilled, and then go there. Yes, emotions can be scary, but they’re also a blessing. Give yourself space this new moon to process and watch things transform.

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