Marc Jacobs Uses Dog Fur; Time To Have A Fur Discussion?

Marc Jacobs fake fur jackets contain some 100% real dog fur. Via Gawker:

The Marc Jacobs jackets are made with synthetic fur but are also mixed with these dogs, and you don’t really know how much of each you’re getting. How much is too much? 70% 10% 1%?

Though we’re in an age of hyper awareness, it seems like we’re still divided on the fur issue. Fashion houses are still using real animal fur. Lady Gaga has been under attack for her love of fur coats.

I think there are three camps of people about the fur issue.

Camp #1: They don’t like the use of fur, leather, feathers or the skins of any animal in the name of fashion. Old or new. They’re not thrilled about fake fur either, since it perpetuates the look of animal skin, but they push it over real fur. They go vegan with their wardrobe and goods.

Camp #2: They’re all for fake fur. While they may have some vintage fur lying around (from a grandmother or whatever) they would’t buy new fur. They may or may not buy vintage fur. They’re not opposed to leather but if a fake leather product was available that looked just as good, they would be fine with that.

Camp #3: Has no problem with buying real new fur. Has no problem with leather or animal skins of any kind. Prefers the real to the fake.

I feel like I’m missing a group that combines #1 and #2 or something. Any ideas? But I don’t think there is a camp that doesn’t care about the issue at all. It seems that everyone in some way or another has something to add to the issue, big or small.

A large part of the Marc Jacobs Fall & Winter 2013 ready-to-wear line uses real fur (mostly mink and fox). You could buy a fur top with a fur skirt:

Or tell subtlety to piss off with this boa made of real fox fur:

Marc Jacobs is just one of several designers using real fur in their collections; this isn’t new. I think people are just surprised that this time they’re using what is technically a dog.

Here’s how I feel about fur: if you have a real fur jacket or something that was passed down through your family and it’s very cold outside and you’d like to wear it, then wear it. At that point, the animal has been dead for decades. And what’s the alternative? Burn it? Give it away for someone else to wear? Hide it in a closet?

I don’t judge people for their fur choices. If someone is wearing real fur I don’t take that as my cue to tell them not to. Honestly, I don’t meet many people who wear brand new fur, and if they do, the first thing I think when they tell me is, “Damn that must be expensive. Last night I ate Del Taco…and only because I had a coupon.”

Where do you stand on fur?

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