Forget Tinder, this dude used a marathon race as his dating profile

We all know the drill: We meet someone who has dating potential, we get their name, and then Sherlock Holmes himself would be impressed with how fast we find his/her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. (We’re ALL doing this right? Tell me I’m not alone.)

Modern dating has now become a race to see how fast you can learn everything about a person before you get to know (or in some cases, even meet) them in person, and one marathon runner in Chicago is not only on board to be found on the Internet, he’s giving clues. Or more like blatant directions.

Steve Bergstrom found a better method than Tinder for putting himself out there on the dating scene. He ran the Chicago marathon with the word “SINGLE” and his Facebook username written in big bold letters on his back.

If you’re suspicious that maybe this is just an attention-grabbing bozo who’s trying to collect Facebook friends, Steve assures the world, “This was absolutely not a ploy to get as many dates as I can — I would like to find myself in a position where I don’t have to do this again.” Aw! OK, Steve we’re listening. So how did his personal billboard work? Well, it turns out, it worked really well. Immediately after the race, Bergstrom received a little over a dozen friend requests on Facebook. And, after the media got ahold of the story, he reached the platform’s request limit of 1,000. Hooray for love, but now for the real question: Did this very creative way of finding a connection work? The answers is a solid…maybe! In an adorable turn of events, Liz Heisler was also at the race that day. Liz, though she’s actually a runner herself, was not running that day; she was cheering on other marathoners with a funny sign that had a picture of her cat with the caption: “My Mom is looking for a #catdad.” 

Liz and Steve caught each other’s attention and she was one of the first to reach out to him on Facebook. They both had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, Steve told Liz, “If we don’t meet up and have a drink when you held up a sign and I held up a sign, then we’re missing out on good storytelling later.”

We couldn’t agree more, Steve. The two have been on three dates so far, and only time will tell if they will tell this story at their wedding.

(Image via Twitter.)