Mara Wilson opens up about her sexuality following the tragedy in Orlando

In the wake of the tragedy of the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, many stars are paying tribute to the victims of the shooting, talk about the importance of stricter gun laws, and showing their support for the LGBTQIA community.

Mara Wilson took to Twitter when she heard about the shooting, and reflected on the state of America and our frequent mass shootings. false false

She then mentioned the Tony Awards, and how LGBT people need a space to be safe — similar to how that’s what Pulse should have been for the people who went there Saturday night. false

She also tweeted an old picture of herself at a gay club, and began to hint at her own sexuality by calling herself a “straight girl” in quotations. false false false false

After many more tweets about the Tony’s, she got back to the topic by saying that she is a “2” in reference to the Kinsey Scale. The Kinsey Scale is a scale that’s used for measuring sexuality, and is thought to be helpful to tell individuals whether they are gay, straight, or something in between. false false false

She ended the conversation by saying that she has embraced the bi/queer label for herself lately. false

Her Twitter followers seem to be mostly supportive, which is also really awesome — during this time, it’s pretty crucial that everyone comes together and stands against hate, and visibility can be a scary thing when tragedy strikes. We’re so happy that Mara embracing who she is, and is acknowledging that sexuality is a fluid process that may change over time.

She’s just as awesome as ever.

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