Mara Wilson just made a return to acting in this gender-swapped “American Psycho” clip

We’ve always wondered what happened to darling little Mara Wilson, the star of awesome kid movies like Matilda, Miracle on 34th Street, and Ms. Doubtfire. Well, lucky for us, this talented actress is back this week — although in a way nobody expected!

Mara, now an adult (of course) and accomplished playwright, took part in a spectacular gender-switching film experiment, where women are recreating famous scenes from movies. In this case, Wilson takes over the role Jared Leto played in a tense scene from American Psycho.

The choice of film and scene is no joke; American Psycho, adapted brilliantly from the Brett Easton Ellis novel by two women, Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner, is known as an indictment of macho culture and male-driven ego. The film, which helped launch Christian Bale to stardom, follows an obsessively competitive businessman as he either psychotically kills people or simply fantasizes about doing so.

Mara Wilson’s scene is one of the most iconic from the movie, where Leto, Bale, and other businessmen enter into a game of one-upmanship, epic shade, and hits-disguised-as-compliments, centered around showing off their business cards.

The gender-swapped video is part of a series called Swapped by comedian and actress Dani Faith Leonard, who stars in the Bale role in the scene. Speaking to Refinery 29, Leonard said that the series aims “to start conversation about traditional gender roles in American movies. We’re looking to gender-flip the movies, and place men in the women’s roles. And we’re also looking to see what challenges we’re faced with when men are in what are traditionally feminine roles.”

Sounds like a fascinating idea, and what a perfect scene to start off with! We can’t wait to see more of the series, and hopefully a few more cameos by everybody’s favorite Matilda, Mara Wilson!

Check out the scene below: