This artist’s GIFs are weirdly hypnotic, satisfying, and probably tasty

Have you ever seen something so perfect that you just wanted to destroy it? This phenomenon, best summarized as “cute aggression,” is one of those things that we’ve all felt but can’t really articulate. Well, artist Mar Cuervo has created a series of GIF artwork that perfectly illustrates this feeling, and the results are utterly mesmerizing.


Titled “Destroyer,” Cuervo’s project focuses on depicting anger, comparing and contrasting the softness and cuteness of the objects she’s destroying with her very physical rage:

The result: Hypnotic food destruction loops:


Seriously, we can’t stop staring at them:


In an interview with LA Weekly, Cuervo elaborated on her mission statement, explaining, “The first object I filmed was a yellow and pink ‘flan’ I found in the Netherlands. I just wanted to do it so bad. It felt like a tantrum. But that feeling has been in me for my entire life. It’s in all of us! We have always heard, ‘Don’t play with your food.’ We were obedient, but I think we all wanted to play with it.”

As for why her targets are oftentimes desserts? “Their fragility makes me want to destroy them, I hate perfection and staged reality. Those desserts look so perfect that they don’t awaken any desire to be eaten. They just tell me to destroy them. Do you find them palatable? It happens with everything in general, when all spontaneity and naturalness is overcome with perfection… all feelings disappear.”


Cuervo’s intention is key to explaining why we can’t take our eyes away from these surreally hypnotic GIFs: Alongside the squishiness of the things she’s destroying, there’s a satisfaction at seeing and commiserating with the destruction — sort of like when you get to take that first step into perfect, fresh snow.

As for what weirdly satisfying things Cuervo likes to watch? When we asked, she admitted, “I don’t see GIFs often but I have to admit that I love ‘how it’s made’ videos and DIY tutorials that involve hands making things.” Us too, us too.


Check out the rest of Cuervo’s “Destroyer” GIFs here