We had no idea how many maps forgot to include this very real country

Well, this is definitely news to us! We just realized how many maps forgot to include this country, and it’s totally wild.

We know that geography isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, but a LOT of maps have missed one real country. Which one is it you ask? New Zealand!

Yes, Australia’s neighbor apparently doesn’t exist…at least in the world of maps. Okay, so not every map has forgotten the small country, but many have. It’s actually pretty insane how many of these pictures and paintings of the world cut out New Zealand.

For reference, this is what New Zealand should look like on a map.


Now that you know what the country looks like, let’s take a look at the many world maps that have missed it.

For starters, in 2015, Whole Foods cut out the country on their grocery bags. It’s just too funny.


The hashtag #mapswithoutnz has also popped over the past couple of years to help show the inaccuracies.

Want to play Risk? Well, if you’re a New Zealander, apparently you can’t play!


Even children are being taught in school — via giant animal maps — that this country is missing.

Come on, this can’t be real, right? Well, it is SO real and both funny and surprising how many people have misplaced this island country.

At an AT&T location in downtown Los Angeles, the tropical destination was again forgotten.


It didn’t even make the cut on the airplane in-flight maps!


The country has 4.4 million people, and yet it is nowhere to be found on SO many maps. We just can’t stop awkward laughing at this. It’s too much.

There’s even an entire Tumblr account dedicated to pointing out the world’s cartography mistakes. They photos are hilarious, and you need to scroll through the entire site.

Poor New Zealand, they really can’t catch a break.