This history professor mapped out a route to thousands of historical destinations in the U.S., and we know what we’re doing for our next road trip

Listen up, history enthusiasts, because the vacation of your dreams has officially arrived. A professor has mapped out a route to thousands of American historical destinations — and this road trip will allow you to hit up nearly 50,000 of the sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A team of researchers led by William Cook, a professor at the University of Waterloo, spent two years mapping out the most efficient route to visit a wide variety of historic parks, archeological sites, and famous landmarks across the country.

"This was a chance to connect people with what's normally a dry field," Cook told Travel + Leisure, because the map covers so much of the United States.


The route covers 217,605 miles of terrain and it’s basically the stuff of a history buff’s dreams. But, the road trip also has plenty to offer for those of us who didn’t necessarily love history class and simply appreciate taking in America’s beautiful sights.

“The National Register of Historic Places has a beautiful collection of data to work with, and you can really get to see all of America ranging from city points to monuments, farmhouses, and bridges with it," Cook says.


As road trippers explore the country, the interactive map created by Cook’s team provides the perfect way to easily pull images and information from the National Register of Historic Places — because we’ll probably need help as we prioritize which of the 50,000 locations we can’t miss.

Earlier this year, Cook mapped out a journey to visit nearly 25,000 pubs in the United Kingdom. We know he’s super busy and all, but perhaps his next project could be adding a few amazing bars and restaurants to the history road trip? Just a friendly suggestion — either way, we’re already packing our bags and preparing to hit the road.

See the map here!

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