We have SO many questions about the trailer for Episode 5 of “American Horror Story”

We’re almost halfway through this season of American Horror Story, and still, barely anything makes sense. One second, there are ghosts nurses wandering around the Murde House, the next second there’s a pig man running through the halls with a knife, and don’t even gets us STARTED on the ghost colonists out in the woods who are trying to kill everyone living on the land.

This has been a very interesting season so far.

It appears as if it’s only just getting started, too. Next week’s episode, “Chapter Five” is the LAST episode before the mysterious ~big twist~ coming to Roanoke, and judging from the preview for it, it’s going to be insane.


What is that THING climbing up the WALLS? That’s never happened before in any prior AHS season, and honestly, we don’t want to see it happen ever again.

This trailer also really makes it feel like this “Roanoke Nightmare” story will be wrapped up in the next episode — you know, considering that the The Butcher and her crew are literally cutting down the Murde House door in a twisted “Here’s Ambrose!” scenario.


If the ghost colonists actually do make it inside the house…the what? What’s American Horror Story going to do AFTER THAT?

One thing we know for certain: It needs to be next Wednesday now.