There were so many hidden Mickey ears you probably missed in “Zootopia”

Accoring to E! News, the Disney film Zootopia is 2016’s second highest grossing film (Captain America: Civil War is #1 currently) — and for good reason. It’s a movie about adorable animals who talk and solve a MAJOR conspiracy, and it’s our everything.

And now we’ve learned something that we may have actually missed when we watched and fell in love with Zootopia in theaters back when it came out in earlier this year. Are you ready for this? Are you SURE?

Okay. So. There were a TON of Easter eggs we all probably missed, and they come in the form of Mickey Mouse. Disney just released a clip of just a FEW of the Mickeys we missed because Disney is sneaky like that.

Like here, when Judy Hopps is discussing very serious matters with the receptionist.


And this Mickey that is very clearly right below this fella’s collar.


Or this Mickey doll IN A STROLLER.


And just when you thought you saw it all? Nope. Here’s a Mickey in SOME CEREAL.


Watch the whole clip on E! Online.