So many celebs posted uplifting pics from the Women’s March

This past weekend, it was amazing to see millions of women and men participate in marches across the country for women’s rights.  And all around the world, celebrities attended women’s marches. There was no special treatment; they were bundled up in warm clothes, marching down the street with the rest of us!

That’s right, numerous celebs braved the gigantic crowds to express their support.

If ever there was a feeling of unity and a strong, palpable mentality of being able to achieve great things together, that time and that feeling is now.

Drew Barrymore’s post came with an extra special message.

"I love women. I live for my two daughters. And I am full of pride and unity with all women today."

So…if you needed inspiration to go out there and seize the day, it’s all happening right here.

via giphyAnd remember, just because the marches are over, it doesn’t mean the plans of action have to suddenly stop. In fact, now more than ever, we need to get to work and keep the momentum going by researching our local politicians, calling our representatives, discussing the issues with friends and family, reading the updates (and enacting them) on the women’s march website, and remembering that positive change might happen slowly, but it does happen.

To all the celebs and regular civilians who marched in support of women’s rights, we’re with you every step of the way, and we can do this!