So many celebrities reacted to Obama’s farewell address, and we’re right there with them

There have been many epic speeches during President Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office, but yesterday’s farewell address really got the emotions flowing. It’s time to face reality…he is leaving, but everything’s gonna be okay because we’re all in this together.

As we prepare to welcome a new presidency, Obama invited every American to look at the future with confidence (full disclosure: the part where he thanked Michelle really made us cry). TBH…we’re still feeling teary. He even ended his tenure with the incredibly inspiring rallying cry of: “Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can.”

Seriously. We need a minute.

And of course, tons of celebs promptly reacted on social media!

We’re truly gonna miss this captain!

It’s goodbye to Obama as president, but we’ll still remember all the inspiring things he said.

Not to mention, all the incredible things he DID. From signing the most comprehensive sexual assault survivors bill in history, to his game-changing transgender bathroom decree, to his commitment to closing the pay gap and more, it was a pleasure to have this man running the ship.

And let’s face it…what other president would share their summer music playlist or dance to “Hotline Bling” as if no one was watching?! Truly one of a kind.

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And if you missed Obama’s speech, all is not lost! Watch it right here:

We wish Obama all the best as he moves on to the next phase in his life. President-elect Donald Trump has big shoes to fill, but we’re taking a page out of Obama’s book and looking forward with a can-do attitude.

Bring on 2017! It’s gonna be a great year, because we’re gonna MAKE it a great year. YES WE CAN.

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