So many celebrities are celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is a very special day, because it’s a whole day dedicated to the amazing women with whom we share this earth (and who were here before us). That’s right, it’s International Women’s Day! The perfect time to celebrate being a woman, or loving a woman, or remembering a woman (or anything you like involving the mega awesomeness of women). And the internet is bursting with love and life and positivity, because there are so many bold women in the world who are changing things for the better.

And of course, many of our favorite, socially-conscious celebrities are getting in on the action. All these familiar names are acknowledging this day with pride, and it makes us smile from ear to ear.

Here’s just a little of what they have to say.


And look, the guys are joining in, too!

Justin Trudeau, you are just the best.

Now, every important day like this has a theme, and the theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. On the official website, campaign leaders are encouraging women to take “groundbreaking action that truly drives the greater change for women,” whether that relates to championing education, standing up against violence, challenging bias or inequality, or celebrating women’s advancements.

Whether you go for a grand gesture, like working with a local charity, or something much smaller, like sharing a day with your closest friends or simply killing it with kindness, know that everything makes a difference and no gesture goes unnoticed.

We hope that you have a fantastic day, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! Let’s go and smash it with confidence and a full heart, today — and every day.