All the life mantras that are getting me through my 20s

Your 20s are great, but they’re also complicated and difficult. Sometimes it feels like I’m totally ill-equipped to be a full-fledged adult, and other times I think I’ve got the hang of it. Here are the life mantras that are getting me through.

Confidence is key

You survived your teen years, and all those times of self loathing and awkwardness. Well guess what? You survived and you turned out pretty awesome too. Have confidence in yourself and you will go far.

Staying home is just as fun as going out

Yeah sure everyone loves to get their glad rags on and go out partying, but as you kiss your teenage years goodbye you quickly find that nights in with Netflix are just as good, if not better.

Naps are the greatest gift

No seriously, remember when you were younger and refused to nap? What were you thinking! Grab a nap whenever and wherever possible. With work and family commitments it’s easy to find yourself tucked up in bed by 8pm. A brief snooze gives you that little extra boost so you can have some well deserved ‘me’ time.

Mean people just aren’t worth the hassle

I spent the majority of my teenage years lusting after the bad boys. Guess what? Once a jerk always a jerk. You can’t change him and why would you waste your time? You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, this is something I learned the hard way

It’s better to have a few real friend than a whole bunch of fake friends

This is overused but it is one of the truest things you’ll ever hear. Treasure the close friends who really stick by you; they’re better by far than a whole crowd of people who run as soon as things are tough.

It’s ok to be single

People are in such a rush to grow up these days and there is a lot of pressure to find ‘the one’. Relax and just live your life. You have all the time in the world to find that special someone; go out and live a little before settling down.

It’s ok to not be single too

If you’re in a long-term relationship and you’re happy then just enjoy it. Don’t let your single friends make you feel like you’re missing out on anything. You’ve found love and that’s really rare. Cherish it and just do you.

Nothing is as important as family

I spent my younger years battling with my family over everything. Now that I’m older and more mature, I realize what a pain I’ve been. I’ve learn to appreciate everything your family has done for you. Make time for them and cherish them because they’re precious.

Your looks do not dictate your value

The right people won’t judge you based on your appearance. Embrace who you are and be happy. Don’t worry about what other people think; that’s their business not yours.

You don’t have to know what you want right now

Ok so you’re approaching the end of your twenties and you still don’t know what you’re doing with your life. So what? You’ll eventually find your way. In the meantime don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Keep moving forward; it will all eventually fall into place.

Emma Charlton is a 24-year-old English and Creative Writing student from Sunderland, UK.

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