This man’s viral story about losing his pet pug will make your day

Obviously, losing a dog is the absolute worst. Imagine that your best friend is missing from your home without a trace!

Fortunately, that was just the start of the amazing story Luke Neville of New South Wales tells on Facebook. It all started when he and his brother James noticed their beloved pug named Bella had gone missing. They were having breakfast with the front door open and she slipped out.

Luke quickly posted on social media and Facebook that his pet was gone, asking anyone who was around to keep an eye out. While Luke and James were out searching, one of their friends spotted a poster claiming to have found a pug in the neighborhood. They figured they finally found Bella and hastily picked up the dog from the people who had her. When Luke came home to find a lovely pug chilling in his home he was ecstatic! Except for one small details — the pug wasn’t Bella.


That’s right! This was a totally different pug that looked like Bella.

They looked so similar that Luke thought it was her until he was petting her on the couch, he told Buzzfeed! He soon realized that it wasn’t his dog.

Luckily, a local council ranger had a pug that fit Bella’s description in the dog pound and returned her home. At the same time, the owner of not-Bella was reunited with her own bundle of joy. Basically, all pugs were returned to their rightful owners and the small mixup has become an internet sensation.

As for Luke, he’s taking the whole insane pug caper with an exemplary attitude: