This man’s tweets about a dead child haunting his apartment might ruin you

The existence of ghosts has been debated about since the first humans walked the earth. But one Twitter user has riveting proof that a dead child is haunting him. Specifically, illustrator Adam Ellis relayed to his Twitter followers that some strange happenings/hauntings are going on in his New York City apartment.

On August 7th, he bluntly introduced followers to his story, stating that he’s being haunted and the ghost child is trying to kill him. Ellis then dove into some backstory, filling us in on his experiences with the ghost child thus far.

Warning: If you have trouble sleeping at night after listening to scary stories, you may want to click away now.

Ellis explains that he’s dealt with sleep paralysis in the past, and it was during a fit of sleep paralysis that he first saw the ghost child sitting in a rocking chair at the end of his bed.

Anything that’s β€œshambling” towards you is never good.

Ellis wrote that he didn’t know who the girl was talking about, but she insisted that he had seen Dear David before.

In a later dream, Dear David returned to the rocking chair at the end of Ellis’ bed.

And although he had been warned, Ellis continued β€”

After Ellis asked the third question, he woke up, terrified.

He spent the next few days researching deaths in the city, ones involving a child being killed by a falling store shelf. But his search turned up nothing and the dreams ceased for a while.

We’re stress-sweating already.

Ellis opened the door to see who was out there, but lo and behold, he found nothing. He signed off on the story for a couple of days, although convinced that Dear David had found him.

On August 9th, Ellis picked the thread back up. For the sixth night in a row, at midnight, his cats stared at the door.

He looked through the peephole again and thought he saw something. Too scared to open the door, he took a photo through the peephole.

Ellis decided the only thing he could do was lock the door and head to bed. His cats continued to meow at whatever was on the other side.

Honestly, we’re with Juan on this one.

Last night was no different. At midnight, the cats started crying and hovering near the door again.

So Ellis pulled a fast one and sprinkled a line of salt in front of the door to keep the haunting at bay.

He then used a sleep-talk recording app to see if he could catch any odd sounds while he slept. Ghost hunters call these EVPs β€” Electronic Voice Phenomenons.

The app caught a strange snap noise, some electronic static, and then another snap after the static ended. All of these sounds were captured between 2 and 3 a.m.

Something fishy is happening in Ellis’s apartment, that’s for sure. His last update was just three hours ago, so we’re extremely interested in what will happen tonight.

Stay strong, Adam. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if Dear David comes a-knockin’.

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