We love how the internet responded to this man’s tweet about women wearing see-through tops

Another day, another chance for women to be judged for their clothing choices. It’s 2017, but apparently. we’re still caught up about a woman’s right to choose. Today’s flavor comes from Twitter, from a man who tweeted about the trend of women wearing see-through clothing — and although it was ignorant, the replies have even pretty amazing.

It all started when Twitter user @iHateYungJule tweeted a photo of model Bernice Burgos and singer Paloma Ford, who both happened to be wearing sheer shirts. He added the question, “I guess see-through shirts with ya nipples showing is the wave for you females this summer, huh?” false

Well, not exactly.

The see-through trend has been around for a couple of years (let us not forget Rihanna’s iconic shimmering number at the CFDA awards in 2014), with nearly every celebrity around picking it up in some shape or form. And thankfully, 16-year-old Quenlin Blackwell had exactly the right idea, responding to say that, yes, females are riding that wave — but we’re just catching up to men.

Thankfully, Twitter agreed with Quenlin, and many expanded on the double standards set for women.


In an interview with Buzzfeed, Quenlin expressed her irritation, saying,

"How does a breast offend someone? How does an organ — NOT EVEN AN ACTUAL SEXUAL ORGAN — offend so many men and their so-called 'masculinity'?"

She goes on to say “That tweet struck a chord with me because I know some fathers that tell their children to be modest, and that this social construct of modesty translates into sexual safety and purity.” We wish we were this aware when we were 16!

Thankfully, the world will go on and women like Quenlin will continue to use their voice to shut down ignorant remarks, one tweet at a time.

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