This cat is the best selfie-taker on Planet Earth

If you think Kim Kardashian’s selfie game is strong, just wait ’til you meet this cat. Manny, the whiskered selfie-taker in question, has figured out how to operate a GoPro, and now he can’t be stopped. Let’s hope he can’t, anyway, because his Instagrams are a thing of beauty.

Case in point:

Have you ever seen a selfie so grand? Nope, didn’t think so.

Manny’s human parent is Instagram user @yoremahm, who says Manny just happened to learn how to use the camera by chance. And man, are we glad. Like really, really glad. 

This is Manny doing his best duckface:

A lot of Manny’s selfies also include his adopted animal siblings, a bunch of handsome dogs. Manny became part of the family when he turned up as a stray right around the time @yoremahm was mourning the loss of a previous cat. Awww.

Here’s Manny with the sunset:

Manny with the New York City Library Lions his brothers:

Real talk, if Manny is the King of Selfies, then his siblings are the straight-up Lords of Photobombing:

We see you, Manny. We see you.

[Images via @yoremahm on Instagram.]

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