Manny Gutierrez talks to us about skincare must-haves, secret projects, and the first makeup product he got obsessed with

At Ipsy’s Gen Beauty event last week, we caught up with some of our favorite beauty gurus to get the scoop on their past and present makeup routines.

With over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 3 million Instagram followers, Manny Gutierrez, aka @MannyMUA733, is one of the makeup scene’s most talented beauty boys. Manny inspires fans and makeup lovers alike with his glamorous and informative tutorials, leading to his recent role as Maybelline’s first-ever male brand ambassador. We caught up with Manny to talk about his start in the makeup industry and the skincare brand he’s totally obsessed with!

How did you get started in beauty?

I started to do makeup about three years ago. It was a very new, recent thing for me. I was a waiter and the restaurant I was at was closing, so I was going to be out of a job. A friend posted on his Facebook that Sephora was hiring, and I was kind of already interested in makeup. I thought it was a fun thing. So I applied and I got it even though I had no prior experience. I started working at Sephora and the makeup I was already wearing, I was like, I might as well post about it on social media. So that’s what I started doing.

What was the first product you got really obsessed with?

Honestly, it was the Anastasia products, probably her Brow Wiz. I remember I was using lip liner for my brows in the beginning because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was like, it’s a pencil, you can use it for whatever. I remember when I first discovered an actual brow pencil, I was living for it. The Anastasia products are amazing.

What are some products you’re obsessed with right now that you’re currently using?

I love the Hourglass Vanish Stick foundation, the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. Those are my obsessions right now.

Are you working on any projects right now?

I am, but I can’t disclose with who. It’s gonna be coming out in April. It’s my next collaboration and it’s a little trio. My next collab is not just one product, it’s a couple of items! It’s gonna be fun and it’s gonna be really, really good!

Any tips for our readers who are starting out in makeup?

I would say take care of your skin. That’s my biggest thing that I tell people. I know people want to look beat in their makeup and they want to look flawless, and they think that makeup is going to get them there, but it’s really taking care of your skin and hydrating. That stuff is more important to make sure that the makeup looks better on your skin. People always ask me, “Why does my makeup not last all day?” or, “Why do I look so oily throughout the day?” If you’re not really priming or prepping or moisturizing your skin, then it’s not going to look great.

On that note, what skincare products can you not live without right now?

Sunday Riley oils are my favorite. I live for Sunday Riley — the U.F.O oil and the Luna oil are absolutely amazing. It’s what I use constantly.

At what part of your routine do you use the oils?

So what you do is serum, then U.F.O oil — which is a dry oil — then you do moisturizer, then you do that last oil at the end to seal it all in.

Catch one of Manny’s tutorials below!

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