Mandy Moore is suddenly making us want wear purple and yellow together

As of Monday, we will officially be able to say that spring has sprung! Now, the only question is: Is your springtime wardrobe ready to be worn?

If you’re looking for warm weather clothing inspiration, look no further than Mandy Moore. The This Is Us actress arrived to the Alliance for Children’s Rights 25th anniversary celebration wearing an outfit that introduced us to a color combo we’ll be sporting well into summer.

The Diane von Furstenberg yellow cocktail dress with a sheer lavender overlay has just been moved to the top of our “things we need” list. In this dress, we know we would be the stand-out at this year’s Easter celebration.

Please, oh mighty Easter Bunny. Bring us this dress in lieu of jelly beans.


And we must appreciate the fact that Moore took the look one step beyond and opted for an orange lip. Alongside her Irene Neuwirth opalescent earrings, Moore is a radiant springtime rainbow and we cannot get enough!


While we’re on the topic of rainbows, please direct your attention to Moore’s Edie Parker Wolf Shard Lock clutch.


Moore might consider this look, "mellow yellow (and purple)...." but we're feeling anything but mellow!

Honestly, someone stop us before we wipe out all of the pastel lavender and yellow merchandise from every store we enter. We’re on a spring wardrobe rampage and won’t stop until we’ve replaced every piece of black, brown, and gray with purple, yellow, and orange!

Mandy Moore, you have created a monster.

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