Mandy Moore’s casual comment about exercising is so unbelievably relatable

It can be difficult to stick to a routine, especially one that requires voluntary strenuous physical activity…like working out! But you know what? Everyone struggles with this, even those who are ridiculously famous and starring in hit TV shows. Like our girl Mandy Moore.

In an interview with Byrdie,  Moore got real about diet and aging, and nestled in there were some truth bombs about exercise. Specifically, how she struggles with sticking to a daily routine alongside her demanding work schedule.

"I love hiking, anything that keeps me outdoors. But I’m also the type of person who does better in a class situation because at least there’s some accountability. I’ll cycle or I’ll do a Barry’s [Bootcamp], you know?"

Yes! We TOTALLY feel you, Mandy! It can be so hard to actually push yourself when no one is watching (or, let’s be real, even make it to the gym in the first place if you didn’t sign up for anything specific). And it actually feels so nice to hear that even glamorous celebs who ~seem~ perfect struggle with this too.

The interview also emphasizes how Moore’s entire life is “uninformed by routine,” but despite that, she seems to be in a good place. Routines are not for everybody, and sometimes accepting that about yourself — instead of beating yourself up over it — can be incredibly freeing. 

At the end of the day, do what feels right for you, and enjoy it! And maybe if you do a Barry’s Bootcamp, you’ll run into Mandy Moore…just sayin.’

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