Mandy Moore went dressed as her favorite emoji to the “This Is Us” finale

You may have bawled your eyes out during the finale of This Is Us, but Mandy Moore’s emoji-rific outfit is about to make you super happy. For the season finale screening this week of her hit show, the actress donned a ruched-shoulder red dress inspired by…get ready for it…the dancing lady emoji!

In an Instagram post about the gown — from designer Adeam’s spring/summer 2017 collection — Moore wrote, “Sometimes you just gotta go dressed as your favorite emoji,” and we can’t argue with that. Completing the look with a pair of open-toe heels and a sleek AF ponytail courtesy of the ladies at STRIIIKE salon in Los Angeles, Moore was a modern-day, technological vision.

And take a closer look at that ‘do, because you’re going to want to try it yourself.

Moore was clearly enjoying her get-up. Because how could she not?!

We love this super unusual and highly wearable dress because it gives you that glam, Chiquita Banana lady ruffle shoulder look, but with the stability of a high neckline — so you can dance in it comfortably without having to worry about yanking it up all night long.


It’s not available online at the moment (boo) but when it was, it was priced at $1,680. So you might want to ask your grandma, or a friend who’s skilled with a sewing machine, if they can whip up something similar for you instead.

Moore and her dancing lady emoji gown are in good company! The lovely and talented Dakota Fanning donned a similar look at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, and then made fun of herself in an emoji-laden IG post. Here’s to two women with great style — and a great sense of humor!

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