Mandy Moore actually spoiled the twist in “This Is Us” months ago, and none of us noticed

Have you stopped crying buckets of tears over the premiere of This Is Us yet? The new NBC show premiered last night, and while we thought we were all sitting down to watch the new greatest family show on TV (replacing the giant Parenthood-sized hole in our heart) we were actually sitting down to watch what just might actually be THE greatest family show on TV — ever. Quote us on that, This Is Us.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you should probably go ahead and do that ASAP because there’s a last second twist at the end of the episode that will make you gasp (in between your stream of tears). So spoilers ahead, unless you’re cool with learning one of the greatest twists this television season.

At the very end of This Is Us, we learn the stories of these four people – Jack, Kate, Kevin, and Randall — aren’t all actually taking place on the same day. Jack is actually THE DAD to Kate, Kevin, and Randall, and his story is taking place some 30 years ago.


Suddenly, Jack’s denim-on-denim outfit makes so much sense. He’s dressed like this because it’s the late ’70s/early ’80s!! It’s such a good twist. And This Is Us star, Mandy Moore (who plays Jack’s wife, and mother to Kate Kevin and Randall) actually spoiled this for us NINE MONTHS AGO.

None of us noticed.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the twist, Moore explained that while doing costume fittings for the show, she took pictures of her and Milo Ventimiglia:

"I mean, I probably shouldn’t have, but when Milo and I were doing our fittings and we were taking still photos to use as set decoration, I took a picture of us and I put it on Instagram. I think I said something like, '1970s or hipsters? What do you think?' It was a bit more of a spoiler than the network probably wanted, but everybody was like, 'Yeah, hipster.'"

Hold up, we ned to see these pictures with our own eyes. Going some 33 weeks back in Moore’s Instagram, she’s got two photos from JANUARY 22nd 2016. Her and Milo are CLEARLY not wearing 2016 clothing. And at the time we were all like “Yeah, totally hipsters.”

It’s a good thing this hipster look is so ~in~ no one thought too much about this image at the time. Thankfully, none of us were like “Oh, it’s probably because This Is Us takes place in two different time periods!” and spoiled the twist for ourselves some nine months ago. That’s enough time to have a baby!

And now we have This Is Us. Get back to crying about it!!

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