Mandy Moore apparently has “four different sets” of pregnancy boobs, all thanks to “This Is Us”

You’d think that, for her role as matriarch Rebecca Pearson on NBC’s colossal hit series This Is Us, Mandy Moore’s biggest challenge would be acting like the 60-something version of her character.

Instead, as reporters found out during a panel for the series at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, the toughest physical transformations Moore has had on-set have all come during the scenes where Moore has acted her own age — because when you’re a non-preggo woman playing one who is pregnant with triplets, it’s seriously all about the boobs.

“I think I had four different sets of boobs. Seriously,” she said. “There was a progression of like, this size boob, this size boob and then, like, gigantic. I was like, ‘This is insanity.’ And different pregnancy pads, yes. I was most interested in the different-sized cutlets that I had to put on.”


Since the show takes place in both modern-day and back in the time throughout the Pearson children’s ’80s childhoods — and in the nine months leading up to their birth — Moore has already played everything from Rebecca’s delivery to the moment she first found out she was having triplets to, of course, the steamy conception.

“All the shades of pregnancy — from it being fun to being miserable,” Moore continued. “Yeah, it was a lot of fun.”

Moore, who hasn’t been pregnant in real life, also told reporters that in order to nail late-stage-pregnancy Rebecca, she focused on slowing down her breathing, adding that she would “imagine lugging around an extra 60, 70, maybe more pounds” to get each take just right.

Obviously she’s done a pretty great job, as her heavy breathing, her fake ta-tas, and so much more landed her a Golden Globe nomination just last month. And of course, just in case you happened to miss it, Moore officially has two years and 36 episodes more of facial prosthetics and cutlets to look forward to, as This Is Us just got a two-season renewal from NBC.

As expected, they were completely freaking adorable when they first found out.

Is it too much to ask to be adopted into this family, ASAP?

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