Mandy Moore says the next three episodes of “This Is Us” are going to be dark, and our hearts can’t handle it

WE DON’T KNOW IF WE CAN HANDLE THIS. But Mandy Moore warned This Is Us viewers of darkness to come on the show. And, like, we’re already going through multiple boxes of tissues per episode. We don’t know if we’re ready for more darkness. This is Us is a great show that teaches us lots of lessons and lets us fall in love with each and every character in new, unexpected ways every week. There are huge twists around every corner and clues about Jack’s death everywhere. But it’s also a real tearjerker. So we can’t emphasize enough how NERVOUS this statement makes us.

“The next three episodes are sort of a trilogy of sorts and they go to some deeply dark places,” Moore recently told E! News. “I think that people are going to have a lot of opinions about [them], but I suggest that people be patient and stick with it ‘cause we need to go there in order to—there will be bigger payoffs later, down the road in this season.”

We’re all about exploring the human condition with the Pearsons, but we don’t know if we can handle these “deeply dark places.” We’re only seven episodes in, but Season 2 of This Is Us has already been a wild ride.

Like, it’s been crazy.

We’ve already seen Kevin start spiraling toward the same addiction that plagued his father’s life. We know that Kate is worried about her pregnancy because of her age and weight. We know that Randall and Beth are making progress bonding with Deja, but now her mother is going to try and get her back. IT’S A HOUSE OF CARDS OVER HERE, PEOPLE. There are so many things that could go wrong, we can’t even stand to think about it!

However, this kind of theorizing is exactly what Moore warned against later in the interview.

"It is bizarre that a family ensemble drama would have people picking apart the minutiae of episodes," Moore continued. "Again, I would just suggest that people be patient. It will all unfold in a spectacular way, and I don't think people will be disappointed."

Alright, Mandy. We’ll be patient. But please don’t break our hearts too many times.

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