Mandy Moore got personal about how therapy has helped her mental health, and it’s so important

As more celebrities come forward in support of mental health awareness, Mandy Moore is adding her voice with a refreshing outlook on therapy.

Celebrities including Jay Z, Katy Perry, and even the royal family have opened up about their personal experiences with mental health, and the importance of ending the stigma around therapy. It’s something we support 100%, because talking about mental health is important.

Now, Mandy Moore is added her voice to the cause. She recently launched Her Life, Her Adventures, a campaign that encourages women to think about adding birth control into their health plans for a variety of reasons.

Since the launch, the This Is Us star has been vocal about family planning, physical health, and mental health.

“I’m a big proponent of therapy, she said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “It’s something that I find in my own life to be incredibly helpful… during many different junctures of my life, it’s been a common through line.

The actress and singer added that therapy has especially helped at unexpected times.

“I feel like it’s most beneficial at times when I don’t think that I need it, like when there’s not a ton going on that feels stressful, Moore said.

Therapy may be seen as something to lean on only when we’re in our darkest, saddest moments. But Moore believes that doing mental health work while you’re “up” could really help.

If we’re proactive when it comes to physical health, why not apply that same logic to our mental health? 

Looking into how we feel at all times, not just when we’re in crisis, could make all the difference. Unsurprisingly, celebrities can serve as inspirations to many of us, offering us advice, insight, and ideas alongside entertaining us. Moore hopes that she can use her platform to keep a positive conversation about mental health going.

“I’m glad there’s more transparency and we’re having an open dialogue around mental health, she said. “It’s needed to help take away some of the stigma attached to it.

Here’s to more people — famous or not — advocating for positive mental health awareness!

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