Mandy Moore shared her thoughts on THAT big “This Is Us” fight

Are you still as addicted to This Is Us as we are? Good. Then you probably felt a little tense when you saw Jack and Rebecca Pearson exchange some words last Tuesday. Luckily, Mandy Moore chatted about the This Is Us fight shortly after the episode hit the air, providing us a little more insight into her character. (Of course, if you’re not caught up, there are spoilers ahead!)

During Tuesday’s episode, Rebecca forgot to disclose that the guy in her lounge band — who she was about to go on tour with — was actually an ex-boyfriend of hers. Of course, it wasn’t a significant boyfriend, but Jack still felt like she was lying by omission.

In fact, the news hit Jack so hard that he went back to drinking — a behavior that was noted as being problematic for him in past episodes.

Here it is again, in case you want to relive the moment. (We don’t know why you’d want to, but — it’s your choice, really.)

It was even harder to see since Jack and Rebecca have pretty much been close to perfect throughout the season.

That’s exactly how Mandy Moore sees it too. She spoke up about it during the after show.

"These are issues that have been boiling for a while," Moore said. "Milo and I talked a lot about it. I don't think this is a couple that fights often at all. I think that they have a very open line of communication with one another. I think after 20 years together, this is just a couple who maybe aren't, obviously, in the same place that they were at the beginning of this relationship."

Moore and Milo Ventimiglia chatted about the incredible episode, and their character’s dynamic, for a little over eight minutes. Of course, they’ve got chemistry off-set as well.

While some of us might have felt like Rebecca should have at least hinted of a history with this guy, Moore’s words make us understand why her character might not have. Because — well — she was a little scared.

"She met Jack, fell in love, kind of tabled all of that, tabled who she was fundamentally, like a huge piece of who she was, as an artist and as a creative person," Moore said. "The possibility of that entering her life again is so equal parts exciting and thrilling, but also terrifying."

Really, we can see both sides — while Jack found out in a terrible way, his behavior was a bit extreme. But all together, that’s one of the reasons why we love this show so much —it’s relatable, and it makes you think.

We already can’t wait to see what happens next!

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