Mandy Moore isn’t that excited to relive her pop-star past, and tbh, we get it

Hands up if you listened to Mandy Moore’s “Candy” on repeat during the summer of 1999 and got a VW Beetle because of that music video as soon as you could afford to buy a car. Just us? OK, cool. But seriously, the Mandy Moore pop star persona isn’t something the actress is especially keen about reliving.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the This Is Us star shone some light on her current priorities, starting off with the disclaimer that, “I’m in a completely different chapter of my life, and I don’t begrudge anything.”

"It's all led me to where I am now," she says. I'm happy to acknowledge [the past], but also stay focused on the present.

We completely get this. Like…Mandy was 14 when she recorded “Candy” and 15 when the music video dropped. Now, 18 years later, she’s killing it as Rebecca on This Is Us(to the point where if she doesn’t get a nod when the Emmy nominations are announced next month, we’ll probably riot), which is a long way from her pop-star days.

But that doesn’t mean Mandy doesn’t totally appreciate where she got her start — it’s just all about keeping the different parts of her journey where they belong.

"I think it's cool to have different chapters of your life and career and for there to be a portion of an audience out there that just knows me from [This Is Us]," she added to ET. "I'm totally fine with it because there's plenty of stuff in the past I'd like to forget."

It’s unclear whether Mandy means personally, professionally, or both with that latter quote, but we can’t possibly think of anything in her career that we’d want to forget. From A Walk to Remember — which we’re still crying over — to The Princess Diaries, her voice work as Rapunzel in Tangled, and all her amazing music, we detect no flaws.

She’s even getting her feet wet (literally) in the thriller genre! Her new shark movie 47 Meters Down comes out TOMORROW, and we’ve already got our tickets and nerves intact.

So while we promise we’re totally focused on Mandy’s present career, we still can’t help watching the “Candy” music video again. It’s just so summer perfect and next month marks its 18th anniversary, which is a special-enough occasion, right? Plus, THE FASHION. THE BOYS. THE BRIGHT COLORS. It’s all just so deliciously late ’90s.

You forgive us Mandy, right? We’re still along for the ride of your career, and know you will continue to do amazing things!

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