Mandy Moore is obsessed with this one unexpected beauty trend — and now we want to try

She’s one of America’s sweethearts and the star of NBC’s This Is Us, and Mandy Moore will always be one of those celebrities we feel like we’re already best friends with. She’s always candid and friendly in interviews, not to mention she always looks drop dead gorgeous. She recently sat down with Byrdie and chatted about what’s been going on lately in her world.

Mandy has definitely been keeping busy with shooting This Is Us, but she makes sure she takes the time to stay healthy. She hikes as much as possible and has “a vitamin routine” she keeps up every day. She even likes to get her aura read occasionally, in conjunction with going to therapy, so she feels emotionally and mentally strong as well.

Her favorite beauty trend, though, is getting eyelash extensions on the regular. She says they’re her “most favorite thing in life.”

"I would have them a little bit longer and more glamorous if I could, but I can’t for work right now," she tells Byrdie.

At the moment, her lashes look full and perfect, so we can only imagine how stunning they would look after getting a little extension.

In addition to talking about her beauty routine, Mandy got really personal in her Byrdie interview. She opened up about her family life, her parents splitting up, and her two gay brothers. Now that she and everyone else in her family are “being their authentic selves,” they’re happier than ever before. You live your best life, Mandy.

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