Mandy Moore’s new song “Fifteen” is a love letter to her “Candy” era, and we’re nostalgic

In January, Mandy Moore announced she will be releasing a brand new album after an 11-year hiatus from the studio. Silver Landings is due out March 6th, and Moore just gave us another tidbit of what the album will sound like. Her latest single off the album, titled “Fifteen,” is a reflective song all about how that young girl who sang “Candy” back in 1999 is still very much a part of her.

"It’s been a full circle journey to embrace who I was as a teenager starting off in this industry and forgive my past self for judging her so harshly," Moore wrote about "Fifteen" in a February 11th Instagram post. "For years, I apologized for the creative output of that time but in the making of this new collection of music, I was able to process so much and have come to have great affection for that young girl, that part of me, because she’s the reason I’m here today."

Not only is the song about the young pop star Moore used to be, but it also encompasses her developing relationship with music.

“She thought she was makin’ music / But she was only filling seats,” Moore sings in “Fifteen.” “No regrets, with a few exceptions / Every wrong turn was the right direction.”

And in case you weren’t already feeling nostalgic for Moore’s young pop star moment, she really digs into the vibe of 1999, from the music to the style. At the time, “Candy” was hitting the charts, and the singer was touring with Jordan Knight and NSYNC.

"Glowsticks, pink cotton candy / A touch of glitter on her lips," she sings on "Fifteen. "On parade for the radio station / So they'll play her biggest hits / Missed prom, missed graduation / No college in the fall / On the road with a boyband, singin' / For the people in the mall."

So while, yes, “Fifteen” is a throwback to another moment in Moore’s long career, it’s also a showcase of how she is growing with her music.

Moore’s husband, Taylor Goldsmith, who co-wrote songs and played guitar on Silver Landings, spoke out proudly about his wife’s growth in the music industry.

"I find that so many people, when they have success at a young age, they tend to want to figure out a way to stay in that space because that’s the sound and the version of themselves that the world approved at the time," Goldsmith told Entertainment Weekly today, February 12th. “I think it’s so bold and impressive that [Moore is] growing with her music.

“Fifteen” is the second single Moore has released off Silver Landings. The first, “Save a Little For Yourself,” is also a deep dive into Moore’s past, and was inspired by Moore needing to regain her independence after a controlling relationship with her ex-husband, Ryan Adams.

These two tracks are making us so excited for Moore’s Silver Landings to drop. We’ll be listening on repeat when March 6th rolls around.

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