Mandy Moore shared a photo of ‘the first Milo in my life,’ and it’s not Milo Ventimiglia (but we’re sure he’ll forgive her)

The cast of This Is Us has transcended the boundaries of cuteness. Seriously, these folks keep us in our feelings constantly. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia turn us into heart-eyed emoji every week, both onscreen and off. Like how Mandy Moore posted an adorable photo of Milo on Instagram this week…but wait, it wasn’t Milo Ventimiglia! It was another Milo entirely.

Mandy Moore shared this throwback photo on her Instagram earlier this week. We can’t help but think it foreshadows what came later in her life. Long before Mandy had Milo Ventimiglia in her life, she had this cutie, named after the movie Milo and Otis. 

This isn’t the first throwback she’s posted, although this is the first This Is Us connection. Last week, she posted this snap of her younger self, looking very glamorous in a Strawberry Shortcake pull-up and jellies.

Mandy and Milo’s show This is Us has skyrocketed in the ratings, and into our hearts. The poignant family drama has captured audiences’ attention with its tear-jerking and sweet moments.

The success of the show has led to its stars being thrust into the spotlight. Mandy plays America’s favorite mom right now, and her on-screen relationship with Milo Ventimiglia has fans setting relationship goals every Tuesday night.

The show goes from the 1970s to the present, so it’s a special treat when we get to see its stars post throwbacks themselves.

We just can’t get enough of all Mandy Moore’s photos, and we certainly can’t get enough of her on our new favorite show.

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