Mandy Moore Shared the Endearing Story Behind Baby August’s Name

“[It] felt like a very fitting amalgamation of our whole story.” 

It’s only been a few days since baby August Harrison Goldsmith arrived and new parents Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith can’t stop *won’t stop* showering social media with sweet tidbits about their new bundle of joy. While we’re cooing over their baby boy’s nickname “Gus,” Moore revealed on Instagram that the name August “was settled very early on in our book.”

Beside a photo of Gus snoozing in a small grey quilt with “August’ embroidered in pink, white, and light gray, the This is Us actress said, “It was last August when @taylordawesgoldsmith and I found out we were having a boy (it’s also Taylor’s birth month) and we always loved the name… so it was settled very early on in our book.” 

But wait, it gets even sweeter. As a two-year anniversary gift, Goldsmith presented his pregnant wife the blanket. He explained to her the letters “A” (for Amanda) and “T” (for Taylor) were pieces from her wedding dress and his wedding shirt.

Felt like a very fitting amalgamation of our whole story. I can’t wait to pass this on to our sweet August one day, she wrote.

After learning that she might have endometriosis, both the physical and emotional struggles she endured throughout the final trimester of her pregnancy, and a quick switcheroo in birth plans, this is the happy news we’ve all been waiting (and praying) for.

And in case we haven’t said it a hundred times already, congrats, mom and dad! We can’t wait to see more adorable photos of Gus.

Emily Weaver
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