Mandy Moore is not a fan of the nostalgic hair accessories she wore in “The Princess Diaries”

As much as we all love a good whiff of 2000s nostalgia, there are some trends that are best left in the past. For Mandy Moore, said trend would be the very one she rocked the hell out of back in The Princess Diaries.

Do you recall Mandy’s love-to-hate-her mean girl character in the flick, Lana Thomas? If so, then you’ll remember her on-point ’00s beauty, which included (but was not limited to) honey blonde hair with chunky highlights, sticky bubblegum lip gloss and, most distinctly for Moore, the now-dreaded butterfly hair clips.

“I remember going to Claire’s and buying them out!” Moore told Refinery29.

"Those things are hideous. I'm also vehemently anti-scrunchies, and anti-those weird plastic headbands that push your hair back. I used them all the time. I had clear ones, colored ones, shades to match my hair. If those make a comeback, I'm putting my foot down. That's crossing a line."

Oh, Mandy — we can totally relate.

Mandy’s come a long way since her Princess Diaries days, and has a few new grown-up beauty mantras. Chief among them, is swearing off lighter locks for good.

“I would probably never go blonde again, if not purely because of maintenance,” she told Refinery29.

Oh, and it also sounds like she’s said sayonara to ever rocking said sticky pink lip gloss again, considering how, well, aggravating it could be. “Back then, that sh*t was sticky,” Moore continued. “It was always pink and iridescent, and you couldn’t move your head to one side without your hair perpetually sticking to your lip.”

While said butterfly clips, chunky highlights, and sticky gloss may all be formally out of fashion now, we can’t deny that we’re still totally obsessed with the glory that was ’00s Mandy Moore. Now excuse us while we go re-watch Princess Diaries for the zillionth time…

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