Mandy Moore gets real about marrying young at 24 and why it didn’t work out

Mandy Moore chatted with Byrdie recently about her career, her family, and her hit NBC show. First, let us say we love that This is Us has given us a reason to talk about Mandy Moore again. She was one of our faves of the early ’00s and our love for her has not faded.

On This is Us, Moore plays a mother of triplets. Byrdie wondered if the experience had led Moore to want for a typical, traditional family life for herself.

Her answer is an emphatic no.

The Candy singer references the non-traditional nature of her own family growing up.

“I’ve never really talked about this,” she says, “but my parents are divorced. My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay.”

She tried to create her “own kind of normalcy” by marrying young, at 24 to Ryan Adams. “Then I learned that that wasn’t going to be the fruitful experience I wanted it to be,” she says.

“It’s about understanding yourself,” Mandy says. “I think that’s what all of us are truly trying to get to the core of. Who am I? What makes me tick? Why am I in these specific patterns, and how can I break them?”

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate a major celebrity speaking so openly about therapy. No stigma here. As if we needed any more reason to love Mandy Moore.

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