Mandy Moore just wore a dress that is perfect for every picnic you will ever attend

It’s winter, and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are good you are freezing your tail off right about now. We’re all dreaming of spring and summer. The beach. The pool. Maybe even a dreamy picnic or two. Miss Mandy Moore recently wore a made-for-June dress in January that has us all counting the days until picnic season. Because it’s fine and good to wear seasonal appropriate garments. But sometimes you just can’t wait for summer and your dress just has to show that.

Below, the always-awesome Mandy Moore shows us how to skip a season on the red carpet:


Ugh, we just love it so much. The color blocking. The twisty bodice and off the shoulders sleeves. The peek-a-boo midriff. And that skirt that would spread out so prettily on a picnic blanket. Well played, Ms. Moore, well played.


Mandy and her team played the styling smart on this one. The dress is such a statement piece, you don’t want the accessories distracting. Black pumps and a black clutch were definitely the way to go. And Moore and company were equally smart re: hair and makeup. They kept it simple and 60s-inspired. Which totally makes sense. This dress does have a touch of Mad Men. Pale pink lipstick, extra mascara, and soft waves nod to the era without entering the realm of costume party.

As one of the stars of NBC’s big breakout fall hit This Is Us, Moore’s been very much back in the public eye and has been dressing for the moment like a champ. Here are some of our other favorite looks and that the fabulous Ms. Moore has recently rocked.

This blue gown is the stuff of plunging neckline dreams.


You had us at “heart-doodle-pattern gown and coordinating cape.”


A metallic patterned coat and a black lace dress? Stop, Mandy, just stop, go home, you’re too awesome.


Mandy, you’re killing it on the red carpet, we absolutely can’t wait to see what you wow us with next!

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