Mandy Moore’s latest look has us rethinking brown as a red carpet color

Hold onto your horses — because what we’re about to say may shock you. First off, we’d just like to confess our love for wearing all-black outfits. The goth and art school favorite feels fresh and elegant, not to mention mysterious. But sometimes, we just like to change it up. While brown isn’t normally our go-to color, especially for anything cocktail or red carpet-related, our girl Mandy Moore is asking us to rethink brown.

Though brown may not always work, when it does, it really does, and it may just turn into our new go-to neutral.

The This Is Us star knows how to rock a look, even when it’s unexpected.

Take, for example, her latest red carpet ensemble, which she wore on Saturday to the 33rd Annual Television Critics Association Awards. The full-length Missoni dress featured color-blocking in muted jewel and metallic shades. Wearing a simple brown dress isn’t enough for Mandy, though, and we’re thankful because we get to see her dress up and look like the glamazon she is. The gown features panels of burnt orange-brown, red, teal, and green, and is a reminder that we shouldn’t sleep on brown.


The best part about wearing a neutral is that your makeup really pops. We love that Mandy opted for a vibrant, candy apple red on her lips. Not only does it pair perfectly with her dark features, but it also makes the colors in her dress stand out.

If you ever needed a case to wear your neutrals loud and proud, consider this an omen. Here’s to our new favorite neutral.

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