Mandy Moore Shared Photos Breast Pumping While Literally Climbing a Mountain, as One Does

Pumping breast milk on the side of a mountain? No big deal...

Remember when Mandy Moore casually shared that she was training again to climb another mountain after being cleared for physical activity by her doctor back in April? Well, she just did the damn thing, and while pumping, too! Since giving birth to son August Harrison Goldsmith in late February, the first-time mom has opened up about how life has changed since welcoming lil Gus into the world, but at same time, how she’s been able to keep her dreams and ambitions a priority, too. As we know, her dream is to climb Mt. Fuji, Mt. Rainer, and Mt. Baker. As of Tuesday morning, she crossed the latter of those off her climbing bucket list. 

“We made it. On the summit at 6:30 this am,” the This Is Us actress shared on her Instagram Story the morning of July 21st, alongside a photo of her giving a thumbs up to the camera on the summit of Mt. Baker. “Never been this tired. And I have an infant.”

Mandy Moore Instagram Story

Moore posted additional behind-the-scenes photos of the hike, including a selfie with friends and professional mountain climbers Adrienne Schaefer and Melissa Arnot Reid.

Mandy Moore Instagram Story

This summit was undeniably extra special as it was her first climb since having Gus. However, one thing’s for sure, it was definitely unlike any other climbing experience she’s endured thus far. Moore kept it very real on her IG Stories, sharing she had to periodically stop throughout the climb to pump. Of course, she did it all while looking like a pro.

“This is when we woke up this am to climb,” her first pumping selfie read with the timestamp of 12:01 a.m.

Moore later joked, [Pumping is] the new realities of adventuring. In the photo, Moore is staring into the camera while pumping. 

Mandy Moore Instagram Story

And the climb wouldn’t be complete without a pumping victory selfie on the summit! The actress displayed a huge toothy grin while pumping in her climbing getup at the summit of Mt. Baker. 

Mandy Moore Instagram Story

Moore continues to awe us, and we can’t wait to see which mountain she knocks off her list next!

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