Mandy Moore just channeled Anne Shirley with the perfect puff sleeves

As you know, we’re huge Mandy Moore fans, even when she makes us cry (in a good way) while watching This Is Us. We also love her fashion sense. To up our #fashiongoals even more, Mandy Moore just channeled Anne Shirley with the perfect puff sleeves. In general, Moore seems to enjoy taking part in her fashion choices, such as for events like New York Fashion Week, reported People.

Like Shirley, Moore can play so many different roles, from a super mom/wife on This Is Us to Lana, Princess Mia’s nemesis in The Princess Diaries. Of course, in a few days — March 10th, to be exact — we’ll hear/“see” Moore as Rapunzel in the Disney Channel’s Original Movie, Tangled: Before Ever After.

Without further ado, here’s Moore channeling Shirley at a screening of the TV movie at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, CA on March 4th.


Stunning, riiiiight?! And here are a couple photos of Shirley in Anne of Green Gables.



Similar sleeves, right?! Even decades later! We always ~love~ when vintage fashion is new again!

And here’s Moore at the Tangled: Before Ever After screening, showing us her trademark smile that we so know and love her for.


Close up, Moore exudes Shirley’s classy — and classic — aura, too.


And if you’re curious about how Moore’s hair was done in the back like we were, we’ve got your covered.


Of course, like any Hollywood starlet, there’s a leading man on the scene, too. For Tangled: Before Ever After, it’s Zachary Levi as Eugene.


Awww. We’re excited to see what happens onscreen between Rapunzel and Eugene! Anyone else?! Also, we don’t know about you, but all these photos are making us want to watch Tangled: Before Ever After rn. We can’t provide you with that, but we can provide you with the trailer.

To get you even more pumped for the TV movie, Disney recently released the first five minutes of Tangled: Before Ever After for your viewing pleasure. (Thank you, Disney!)

Remember, Tangled: Before Ever After will premiere on the Disney Channel on March 10th at 8 p.m. EST/PST. And the debut of Tangled: The Series will be on March 24th. We definitely know what we’re doing those days, aka #nevertoooldforthedisneychannel.

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