Up your hot yoga game with this breathable bodysuit

With 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. This year, “do more yoga” is definitely on our list. And thanks to this breathable bodysuit from Manduka, we’re feeling more motivated than ever to open our chakras. Manduka just released their SOLite Hot Yoga collection, and we’re ~obsessed~ with their SoLite Bodysuit. It’s ideal for any type of yoga practice, but it’s especially great for hot yoga.

The collection boasts an extra wicking fabric that allows for greater moisture-management performance. If you’re anything like us during a hot yoga class (read: incredibly sweaty), you (and your fellow yogis) will definitely dig this bodysuit. It’s made with Micro Nylon Knit, an ultra-light fabric that has a soft, breathable surface. Trust us: You won’t get as heated wearing a bodysuit during hot yoga as you may think. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your T-shirt falling in your face during handstands or your yoga pants riding too low on your hips during downward dog.

In case you don’t need the whole bodysuit, there’s also a SOLite sports bra and SOLite leggings in Manduka’s new SOLite Hot Yoga collection. We don’t know about you, but we could always use another sports bra and pair of leggings, especially ones geared toward hot yoga.

If you, too, are resolving to do more yoga in 2018 and want to dress the part, here’s a look at Manduka’s new SOLite collection.


The SOLite Bodysuit will cost you $128. Not bad, considering that’s much less than what you’d pay for a high-quality sports bra, top, and yoga pants separately. The bodysuit combines all three into one stylish, comfy product.


Here’s the sports bra.


Don’t you just love it? The Manduka SOLite Bra is $64.

And here are the leggings.


The Manduka SOLite Cropped Leggings are $92.

But the best news? Now through December 31st, Manduka is giving shoppers 30 percent off all apparel.

Just use the code POSTHOLIDAY30.

Hot yoga, here we come!

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