All hail the manbraid, aka the new man bun

We’ve all heard of the man bun by now. It’s such a thing that there’s an Instagram account dedicated just to these hairdos – as seen at Disneyland. That’s pretty darn niche, if you ask us, but we’re not complaining. Obviously we can’t get enough.

But today marks a new dawn of dudes getting on the hairstyling train because we have entered the era of the #manbraid.

Totally superior to the rat tails, bleached tips, and bowl cuts of our youth, the man braid is simultaneously practical and stylish. It’s not all that different from the man bun, really, except that it obviously takes more skill and dedication. French braids, and especially fishtails, are not easy. I can’t do a decent version of the former or any version of the latter. But dudes all over social media are stepping up to the plate on this challenge. Like this guy, who not only sports amazing man braids up top but has a pretty sweet design shaved into the sides of his head.

Or this one, who was nice enough to show us a great aerial shot of his double man braid. Kinda impressed with his stylist, not even gonna lie. Might be calling them up myself.

Some guys are really creative with their color choices on top of this new style.

Others are throwing all preconceived notions about what a man brain should be right out the window and blessing us with this beauty.

Three cheers for the man braid. I wonder what we’ll get next. My money and heart are set on the man side-pony.

(Images via Instagram)


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