This man used the power of makeup to become Wonder Woman

Makeup is magick! It has the power to help us see ourselves in new ways, allowing us to find empowerment through whatever lens we see fit. While different people wear makeup for different reasons, one thing is true: Everyone, regardless of gender expression, should be allowed the opportunity to play around with the art form! And while Wonder Woman may identify as a woman, that doesn’t mean that men can’t find empowerment in her aesthetic.

If you need proof, makeup magician Paolo Ballesteros just transformed into Wonder Woman before our very eyes and we are still shook from it.

The actor, impersonator, and TV host went on Facebook Live to document his expert Wonder Woman transformation and we’re still so impressed.

Paolo started with his skin, prepping it to be smooth and silky. His eyebrows were ached to perfection, his nose and cheeks were contoured like there was no tomorrow, and his pearlescent lips were only outshined by those of Wonder Woman herself!

So not only is the makeup spot-on, down to the brow shape and highlight, but the accessories featured are also incredible! Paolo’s long wig and headpiece transform him into the supershero, and with the gold-on-gold accessories, his makeup pops even more!

Although Paolo is known for his spot-on makeup transformations, we’re especially loving this Wonder Woman look. We just hope more men follow in Paolo’s footsteps and find inspiration from this boss babe!

We also hope Gal Gadot loves this Wonder Woman look as much as we do!

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