The reason why this man used Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” is making us weepy

Grab some tissues, because we’ve got a heart wrenching Craigslist missed connections to share. While missed connections don’t usually make us cry, this one most certainly does. Instead of a guy trying to find a woman on a train that he locked eyes with four four seconds one day, someone is trying to find the woman who saved his life all the way back in 1972.

The Craigslist ad is titled, “I met you in the rain on the last day in 1972.” In it, an unnamed gentleman details that back in 1972, he had just returned from the Vietnam War and was dealing with lots of inner-demons from the orders he had to carry out from his superiors. So that night, on New Years Eve, he decided to kill himself after one last walk through the Boston streets.

While walking, it started to rain, and while our guy enjoyed the rain, he happened to spot a woman hiding from the rain, “wearing a teal ball gown, which appeared to [be] both regal and ridiculous.” He went over to talk to her. She had been crying. He asked if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee. She said yes. What follows after that is beautiful, and completely changes this man’s life.

The beautiful Craiglist post says that this woman in the teal ball gown talked to this war vet for an hour. The man wrote, “I was unworthy of the resuscitation this stranger in the teal ball gown had given me, and to turn my back on such sweet serendipity would be the real disgrace.”

Even though the woman had disappeared after he took a quick break to use the restroom, he no longer wanted to kill himself, because, “the prospect of suicide was suddenly less appealing than the prospect of discovering what had happened in that restaurant.” Aside from her name, the guy knew NOTHING about her, and “never stopped wondering” who she was and what had happened.

42 years later, he’s taken to the Internet, not necessarily to track her down, but to thank her for saving his life that rainy night back in 1972. After meeting her, he no longer felt lost in the world because this woman had “breathed [her] spirit into my lungs one rainy afternoon, and [she] can’t possibly imagine my gratitude.”

You crying? It’s OK, because everyone is crying along with this sweet story. As far as we know, the woman in the teal ballgown has not been found or identified, but we’re not giving up hope. You can read the whole missed connection here, and this just goes to show everyone that every little bit act of kindness can go a LONG WAY. Now go grab some more tissues.

(Image via Twitter)