What happened after a man shamed this woman for being a working mom

Despite being present for third-wave feminism, it still seems that quite a few people haven’t got the memo and aren’t aware that times have changed. One such person recently criticized Irish radio presenter Susan Keogh for being a mom AND having a career – but she fired back with an applause-worthy letter.


In her response, which she shared on Twitter, the hardworking mom writes,

Keogh then explains that she loves her job. That she’s passionate about her work and, as a result, she’s a better mom to her daughter. Just like her husband, Keogh is a radio producer and they both work Monday through Friday while their little girl is in preschool. Though, there is one key difference:


After this thought-provoking reveal, Keogh admits that she often feels guilty (something many working parents can relate to). Yet, she wants to give her daughter a better future, one where she can go on a school ski trip when she’s 16 and not have to worry about money.

As of right now, Susan’s daughter Faith wants to be a “flower lady” and, though Keogh doesn’t know exactly what that entails, she explains,


Overall, Susan wants Faith to follow her lead by being a woman who goes after what she wants, who values her self-worth and her happiness. She wants Faith to be strong, so that she’ll be able to use her voice – just like her mom – when someone criticizes her personal decisions as a woman in today’s world.

Once Twitter users caught on to what was happening, Keogh was greeted by many positive, grateful responses. Once she told Faith about it, this was her adorable reaction:

In other words:


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